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Walkway Clearing

When the snow flies, walkways must be cleared. If not, a hard pack of snow develops, which can turn into ice, resulting in potential injuries and lawsuits.

When you register for automatic snow clearing with Calgary Snow Removal, when the snow flies, we arrive at your location during off-hours, clear the snow, and depart before your customers and staff arrive.

Snow Clearing on Parking Lots / Paved Areas

Snow-covered parking lots are a nuisance to your customers and staff - no one likes to walk through the snow to get to your place of business, and navigating a snowy parking lot is plain dangerous.

Sign up for automatic snow clearing with Calgary Snow Removal and once the snow accumulation meets the trigger level (1” for high-traffic lots, 2” for low- to medium-traffic) we arrive to clear it away. We work on off-hours, so that your staff and customers won’t even know we’ve been there… except for the clean parking lot, that is.


Once vehicles begin to drive on the lot and pack the snow down, not even plowing can restore your lot to summer-like conditions. If you don’t clear frequently, we recommend an application of “pickle mix” - a mixture of salt and 7mm fractured rock - that burns away the hard-packed snow and ice and provides traction… the same great product the City of Calgary to keep roads safe.

For maximum efficiency, we recommend sanding twice as much as you plow. Sanding is an on-demand service we offer to our automatic clearing customers, as well as independent snow removal contractors and maintenance crews.


Nothing burns away ice like good old salt - pure sodium chloride (NaCl). For the most challenging de-icing tasks, an application of salt is the best solution.

If you’ve fallen behind with snow clearing and are looking at a 4” snow pack, steel and horsepower will not cut it. We’ll show up with a truck-mounted spreader and your problems will melt away.

We provide this service to automatic clearing customers, maintenance crews and snow removal contractors.

Liquid Calcium

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Liquid Calcium is a pre-treatment that is applied in advance of a big dump. Like grease on a frying pan, liquid calcium creates a barrier that prevents snow and ice from sticking to the pavement, so when we plow your lot, nearly everything comes off, leaving your lot looking like a warm spring day.

More and more, progressive box stores are moving away from using corrosive salt because of its destructive effects. When you want to provide the best experience for your customers (or your customer's customers), contact us - you'll love our prices (because we own our own well)!

Snow Removal

Mountains of snow not only cause loss of valuable parking space, but when it melts and freezes overnight your parking lot turns into a skating rink!

Don't let this happen to you. Call us and we'll haul it away. Only Calgary Snow Removal has a snow dump within city limits - so you save on transportation costs.

If you are an independent contractor needing snow hauling, we're standing by to support you.

Do you own or manage a commercial or industrial facility and are interested in arranging automatic snow removal?


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Are you a manager or contractor interested in on-demand snow hauling, salting and sanding and ice management?


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